QOTD: Do You Want Nvidia to Make CPUs?

Things in life change, and so do things in the IT industry. The previous three or four years around the early 2000's, was somewhat slow in growth. But in the last two years, things have really picked up again.

This leads us to CPUs. Even in the CPU landscape, things are rapidly changing. Architectures are getting increasingly more efficient, clock for clock. But CPUs themselves aside, even manufacturers are changing. Just this year, AMD decided to spin-off its manufacturing arms into what's now known as Globalfoundries.

However, there's one quaint company, called Nvidia, that's been promoting how powerful its GPUs are for more than just graphics. But don't think of Nvidia's products as the traditional GPU anymore like they once were. With such things as CUDA, Nvidia represents a very powerful option for the future. Although Nvidia has denied much about creating a full-fledged CPU, I can tell you now that it's very possible. That said:

The question of the day is: Do you want Nvidia to make CPUs to compete with Intel and AMD?

There's no doubt, that this is a very hot topic.

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  • Peezee
    That would be great for competition, so my answer would be yes :)
  • the Innocent
    Competition Competition Competition, its what mad the Core architecture so great if it wasn't for AMD Intel would not need to work hard. And its what made the 4850HD the people choice graphic processor
  • LePhuronn
    NVIDIA will have a major issue if they do try to make CPUs.

    Given the recent stand-offs between Intel and NVIDIA I really doubt Intel would actually grant NVIDIA a license for x86 and as a result I doubt Microsoft or Apple would put in the effort to port their codebase to a new architecture without some significant performance figures to justify it, especially as Apple's already done it recently for the Intel Macs.

    Sure, we'd probably see Linux kernels built for NVIDIA but it'd all be done to enthusiast geek projects.

    On top of that, even IF Intel did grant NVIDIA access to x86 NIVIDIA would have a long way to go to be a competitor product to Intel or AMD.

    That being said, this is all talk about NVIDIA developing a CPU for the desktop - there's a ton of other avenues they could go and no doubt carve themselves some marketshare.