Tom's Hardware Wants You For Our Editorial Team!

The Tom’s Hardware team is spread across the globe. We have full-time writers in Germany, Italy, France, England, and Russia. However, much of what gets published internationally comes from our team in the United States. Translators around the world turn our words into localized content, making our efforts in North America particularly important.

To that end, I’m looking to add a couple of freelance positions to the U.S. team…for now.   

One role I’d like to fill as soon as possible is that of a copy/style/technical editor. We put an extra-special effort into not only editing the grammar, spelling, and technical correctness of each feature story that goes live on Tom’s Hardware, but also unifying voice to the greatest extent possible. Hopefully, this is something you’ve noticed over the past three and a half years as we’ve published natively-written and translated content from many different writers that reads smoothly.

It’s no easy task, though. The ideal candidate is a regular Tom’s Hardware reader with a serious predilection for English. You’ll also need to catch technical errors. Know how many shader processors a fully-functional Cayman GPU sports. Know how much L2 and L3 cache each model of the Core i7-3000 family features. Be assertive enough to question writers when their data appears suspect, or their analysis erroneous.

I’d also like to expand our editorial team. As I mentioned in my little State of Tom’s post, I want to see 2012 include broader coverage, more reader interaction, and greater depth on the topics we cover regularly, plus the ones that’ll become more important in the next 12 months.  

Now, I won’t sugarcoat this: writing for Tom’s Hardware is neither simple nor easy. You must be capable of generating data that stands up to the scrutiny of your peers, and it’ll be thoroughly reviewed before publication. A captivating writing style is very important. And you’ll need access to the hardware you plan to cover for at least the first story before we’re able to ship anything off into the dark abyss that is sometimes freelance writing aspirations. Moreover, be ready to pitch a story idea and submit an outline prior to receiving assignment approval.

If you’re interested in the editing gig, send an email to cangelini at bestofmedia dot com with your qualifications. I’ll get you set up with a trial piece to work on.

If you’re interested in joining our writing team, send an email to cangelini at bestofmedia dot com. Please include at least one writing sample able to demonstrate your technical aptitude, along with a description of how you’d like to contribute.

All positions are paid. If you don't have experience, but are interested in an internship, please specify in your email. And please bear with me as I work through the email. Thanks for reading!

Chris Angelini

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  • HEXiT
    damn sham im dyslexic or i'd be in like flin... good luck to all applicants
  • doive1231
    I think my acerbic comments here will have disqualified me already.