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Here at Tom's Hardware we're ramping up various coverage areas, and we need to bring on additional expertise in a variety of disciplines (cases, gaming systems, graphics, mobile, motherboards, networking, processors, PSUs, storage and more). We're also looking for folks with web production skills, along with some translators. Among these roles is a mix of consistent freelance work and full-time positions for the right candidates.

Just to give a bit more detail on some of our needs:

- Web Production: Our feature articles are complex works that go through several edits and iterations before being published. In addition to the care we take in testing products and detailing our findings, other elements of publication are also very carefully considered and attended to, such as layout, charts, tables and imagery. We're looking for someone who is both well versed in PC hardware and has web production skills. This position requires about 15 hours per week on average. Responsibilities include creating charts, building e-commerce links, image manipulation and overall article layout. There is some very minor HTML work involved, on occasion, and we would train you on our content management system. 

- Reviewers: We're always in the market for writers in each of our main beat areas, from cases and cooling systems to motherboards, mobile, graphics, storage and more. If you can write, and you have deep technical expertise and benchmarking experience, we'd love to talk to you about various assignments.

Storage Editor: In particular, we are in need of more storage testing. Tom's Hardware has covered the enthusiast and professional storage market for many years, but there's more we want to do. We're seeking someone to run this for us day to day — to basically "own" the storage beat, working with both freelancers and the major manufacturers, managing and guiding the storage portions of our benchmark suite and writing some of the seminal storage stories. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of storage technology; experience and knowledge on benchmarking HDDs, SSDs, SSHDs, RAID, NAS, etc.; and will also be able to communicate all of that effectively in writing. Some news writing will also be required on major developments, along with ongoing coordination with the news team.

- Italian Translator: Tom's Hardware is a global operation, and we often collaborate with our bureaus in other countries to produce the best content available across our sites. Tom's Hardware US is in need of someone who can translate technical content from Italian to English on a timely basis. The ideal candidate will not only be able to do normal language translation but will also have some technical expertise to ensure that we maintain the integrity of the information.

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  • fatboyslimerr
    Is this for US residents only? How do we apply?
  • DateMost
    Well ask me for a spanish translator when you want it guys D:
  • DateMost
    Ass me when you guys need a spanish translator D: