Tom's Two Million And Motherboard Showdown: Community Roundup

The Tom's Hardware Community is constantly busy. Whether our members are discussing the site's latest articles and reviews, providing tech support and building advice or playing the latest PC Games, we have so much great stuff going on that it could make your head spin! Not to worry -- Community Roundup is here to let you know the best of what's going on in the Tom's Hardware forums on a regular basis.

  • The Tom’s Two Million Contest is still going strong! We’re celebrating the big two-millionth member mark in the Tom’s Hardware’s online community by giving away 23 tiers of prizes containing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth in hardware. There are multiple ways to enter the prize drawing, which ends on March 25. Enter today!
  • The Tom’s Hardware Community is a vibrant global community visited by computer enthusiasts from around the world. To help all our international members, user G-unit1111 keeps a continuously updated guide on where to find PC parts in your country. Take a look!
  • Is a 4-year-old CPU still viable as a good platform in 2016? User TechyInAZ wants to know just that. His in-depth tutorial on the AMD FX CPU is a great primer on what to look for when purchasing a CPU.
  • User DanielMZXG needs help purchasing a new motherboard with an eye on SLI GPUs and overclocking. His motherboard showdown compares the Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming 5 to the Asus Maximus VIII Gene. Have ideas to help? Tell them here!

Know of something awesome going on in the Tom's Hardware community? Brag about it in the comments!

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