The Tom's Community Gift Guides

The Tom’s Community is here to provide you help with one of the most pressing tasks of the season—making sure you’ve got the right set of gifts for all the people in your life. We each have someone in our world who fits a given archetype, or persona, so we’ve gone ahead and created more than a dozen gift guides for each of these individual types of folks. Each guide contains a series of potential items and must-haves that they, in all probability, would enjoy as a gift. Additionally, we’re providing ample space for crowdsourced recommendations from our powerful community collective hive-mind. Any submission you make grants entry into our giveaways for Toshiba SSDs and Gift Cards.

With our curated recommendations and assembled wisdom of resident experts of our community, we’re hoping these gift guides will provide you with an arsenal of potential purchases to maximize your holiday shopping efforts, all while expending a minimal amount of time and effort to deeply satisfy the people in your life.

Our gift guides offer ideas and perfect picks for every person on your list, from the easiest to the pickiest. Give the guides a look, and we’re sure you’ll find something your friend or family member will love.

The Community Gift Guide entries must be posted by November 13 to qualify for entry. Good luck, and we're looking forward to seeing all the awesome recommendations!

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  • Lutfij
    Personally I think this is the first of it's kind up on the site. With a far reaching aspect to a buyer's guide during this holiday season. Hey this could also serve as a template for anyone looking to get gifts on any auspicious occasion.

    I'll pop over to the other categories with what I find ;)

    Keep up the food for thought content!