Vote Now! The Tom's Hardware Definitive PC Games Part 2

To help navigate this brave new world of gaming, Tom's Hardware is in the process of assembling the definitive list of PC games in a number of genres. 

Although the Tom's Hardware Editorial team is few in number, the Tom's Hardware Community is legion. With your input, we hope to assemble a list of the best and worst PC games that can truly be called "definitive." Over the next week, we'll be collecting Community feedback across multiple categories. Once we have a sufficient number of votes, we'll present a showcase of the winning games on the Tom's Hardware homepage. Click here to vote on your definitive list of PC Games. You can check out all of the Community submissions by heading to each category in the PC Gaming forum:

Most Memorable Protagonist

Most Memorable Levels

Most Interesting Easter Eggs

Best Puzzle Games

Most Memorable Bugs and Glitches

Best Games with the Worst Dialogue

Best Games with Mature Subject Matter

The vote will run for seven days and end on Monday, November 7. Get your turkey on, game on, and vote on your favorite PC Games!

Looking for other gaming suggestions? Follow our Steam Curator Feed for up to date best picks from the Tom's Hardware Community.

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  • alexoiu
    Ha, ha!
    Question: Which came first? Chicken, or the Egg?
    For those that started the PC adventure with Spectrum: