Trouble With Titanfall? Check the Troubleshooting Page

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts have launched a page on EA's website dedicated to troubleshooting issues with the new game. This site is broken into four components: installation, connectivity, crashing and hardware, and covers topics such as installing the game on a 32-bit platform to installing a special beta graphics driver.

According to the site, if the installation fails at 20 percent, then there may be an issue with the gamer's installation of DirectX. If the installation fails at 31 percent, then there may be a problem encountered while downloading Titanfall's audio file. For the former, reinstall DirectX or contact Microsoft if the problem persists. For the latter, open Origin, hit the My Games tab, right-click on Titanfall and select "repair."

"Some players are reporting installation issues with Titanfall when using a hard drive formatted FAT32," reads the guide. "Due to file-size restrictions inherent to FAT32 systems, some of the larger files within the Titanfall installation are unable to be managed by these hard drives. To successfully install Titanfall, make sure your hard drive is formatted NTFS. You can find instructions on how to convert a hard drive partition to NTFS straight from Microsoft."

The guide reports that "exceedingly" slow Internet connections may cause an error message when joining a server or playing the game. Some players may even find themselves stuck in an infinite loop when trying to connect. To solve this issue, the guide suggests that players unplug their routers from their electrical source for 15 seconds, and then plug it back in.

"PC players with specific Intel processors, specifically those with Intel Graphics, must download and install a special beta graphics driver to ensure their game runs properly," reads the guide. "You can find this driver, along with a full list of what Intel processors the driver is compatible with, straight from Intel."

Not listed on the new Titanfall troubleshooting guide is the problem some PC gamers are having with multi-GPU setups. Respawn said in a tweet that they are aware of the issue and will fix the problem with an upcoming patch.

Are you having problems with Titanfall?

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  • ccovemaker
    idk I never had to reformat a hard drive to troubleshoot a video game.
  • roger smith
    thank respawn entertainment for that and blame dice. ea puts up the money and sets time frames, when it comes to the game, its up to the developer.
  • bison88
    If your download stops @ 1% - Our servers are unable to process requests
    If your download stops @ 20% - Your drivers suckIf your download stops @ 30% - Your system sucks
    If your download stops @ 40% - You didn't format your hard drive correctly idiot
    If your download stops @ 50%+ - Your Internet sucks

    What the hell is this crap?