'Time Machine VR' Title Launches In Early Access, Demo Shown At PAX

PAX Prime is packed with virtual reality content. We've already mentioned that Oculus will be showing off the consumer version of its hardware, and PAX guests have multiple chances to try out HTC's Vive VR, but that's not all you'll find at the event. Minority Media Inc., based out of Montreal, Canada, is in attendance at this year's expo, and it will be showing Time Machine VR at the company's booth.

Time Machine VR is a title built exclusively for virtual reality, and it's specifically designed with Oculus's Rift in mind. In the game, you will play a time-traveling scientist sent back to the Jurassic period. Here you'll face prehistoric ocean creatures in your search for DNA needed to cure a plague in the current time. You'll be tasked with tracking and probing these creatures to search for the plagues cure.

Minority Media Inc. will be showcasing the game at booth 7408 on the PAX floor, but for those of you at home with an Oculus Rift DK2, the game is available today on Steam. A playable 10-minute long demo of the game is also available to try through Steam, and the company is encouraging people to try it out and offer feedback.

"Making one of the first VR-native games is a challenge, and it's very different from simply adding VR support to a conventional game," said Vander Caballero, CEO and Creative Director of Minority Media. "For Time Machine VR, we've done a ton of research and testing to make sure it offers a meaningful immersive experience. But, we need the feedback and enthusiasm of other true VR fans to help TMVR become a memorable game. I'm sure that Steam Early Access is the best way for us to achieve this."

Time Machine VR is also available to purchase. The game will be priced at $14.99, but until September 3 it can be purchased at a 33 percent discount at $9.99. The company intends to update the game approximately every four weeks, adding more content including levels and creatures, and additional features. Minority Media said the price will go up incrementally with each update, leading up the final release price.

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