The Rest of QuakeCon 2005

As we reported on the weekend, the first day of QuakeCon was an overwhelming success. But the action did not stop there - the second, third and fourth days were just as amazing. The first day's headcount was estimated to be 4,000 of the 7,000 registered guests. By the time the weekend rolled in, it was reported to us that the headcount was up to 3,000+ in the BYOC and over 10,000 who went through the doors by the end of the event.

The remaining days were action-packed as the tournaments progressed. Vendor booths continued to hand out goodies, the free-for-all systems were still packed with gamers playing Quake 4, and the BYOC raged on with many gamers staying up for the entire night to enjoy their favorite games. Interlaced throughout the remaining days were special events for the attendees, the first of which was based on the highlight of QuakeCon 2004: Doom 3.

Days two through four were huge, and this venue supplied the space needed to hold it all.