How to Fix Any Computer... And Quietly Weep

If you're a diehard reader of Tom's Hardware, then you're likely the sort who does all his own work on your computers. Sure, hardware may have its problems but sometimes those issues may seem minor in comparison to a software headache. After all, you can always swap out a piece of hardware, but it's tougher to just pick out something that's just not working at the software level.

We may have dozens upon dozens of guides on how to better your computing experience here at Tom's but sometimes it all just comes down a simple couple of steps. The online comic strip The Oatmeal has an illustrated guide on how to fix any computer:


Republished with permission from Matthew Inman, creator of "The Oatmeal" web comic.

If you like what you see from The Oatmeal, then you're going to need 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth.

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  • Silmarunya
    I wouldn't week quietly if I had to revert back to a Mac or Windows PC, I would weep out loud for days.

    Oh wait, I'm posting this from my Windows I dual-boot with Linux because I can't game on my Linux and hate rebooting all the time. *Weeps quietly*
  • rsg22
    LOL! Good stuff.

    Windows 8 is going to give MS a new reputation if all goes to plan.
  • mi1ez
    Made me chuckle...