The Best Of The Midwest: PCA LAN

There are a variety of PC local area network (LAN) parties that are held in various locations across the Midwestern U.S. These events range from small to large; some are held in basements and garages; others are well organized and held in huge convention center halls. The one thing they all offer is a unique gaming experience featuring a variety of types of games and entertainment fun.

Some parties focus on tournament types or on location, others are highly competitive or just plain fun; and some LANs are skewed toward real time strategy (RTS) or first person shooter (FPS) games. Whatever the flavor of the LAN, there is a "secret ingredient" that motivates people from all ages, income levels and walks of life to devote their free time to the pursuit of PC gaming: we think this is due to the uniqueness that each LAN event offers.

It's a full house in Zion, Illinois

I attend as many LAN parties as possible, so I did not expect the LAN I attended last weekend in Zion, Illinois to hold many surprises for me. When I arrived at the Zion PCA LAN , what I discovered was the most unorganized, uncontrolled, "go wild" LAN party that I have ever attended, besides being one of the most entertaining.

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