The 150 MHz Project, Part 3

BAPCo SYSmark 2000 - Windows 98 SE

Overclocking a Solano platform from 133 to 150 MHz will give you a 10% performance gain. Different to the BX results , a Solano system at 150 MHz is not too much faster than a standard 133 MHz configuration at the same core speed.

The freaks' option is getting a 100 MHz CPU and overclocking it to 150 MHz FSB. That will work as long as the core speed does not come too close to the technical limit, which seems to be around GHz-barrier today. E.g. a Pentium III 600/100 will likely work at 900/150 MHz (multiplier x6.0), maybe at 1.70 or 1.75V. Just don't try faster CPUs, because e.g. a 700/100 would have to run at 1050 MHz. There is hardly any chance for this, so please think realistic!

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