Thailand blocks YouTube

Bangkok (Thailand) - You can now add Thailand to the growing list of countries that have blocked YouTube. The country’s minister of information and technology, Sittichai Pookaiyaudom, blocked the popular video sharing service after thousands of Thais complained about a 44-second clip that showed virtual graffiti placed on images of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The video also showed pictures of feet placed above the monarch’s head, something that is a huge no-no in Bhuddist culture because the head is a revered spot and feet are considered unclean. For anyone who has never been to Thailand, the Thais universally and unquestionably love their king and queen. You’ll often see pictures of the king plastered everywhere and movie-goers must pay homage to the king by standing up for a one-minute montage of his contributions to society.

It is also against the law to insult the king, something a long-time Swiss resident found out recently. The man damaged several posters of the king while in a drunken stupor and was just sentenced to ten years in prison.

The offending video clip has since been taken down, not by Google, but by the original poster. Despite this, Thailand officials say they are still banning YouTube for other violations.

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