Tom's Hardware Guide Hard News evolves into TG Daily

Every announcement is "exciting" in some way and especially in news, we see firms being excited about their new products several times each day. Today it’s our turn : We are proud to unveil TG Daily, a brand new website of the TG Publishing network that is dedicated to up-to-the-minute technology news and trend coverage. Hard News has grown up and found a new home in TG Daily.

If you are a frequent reader of Tom’s Hardware Guide, our decision to come up with a website dedicated to up-to-the-minute analysis, commentary, interviews, trade show reports, trend stories and blog excerpts should not be too much of a surprise for you. In the end, you, the readers of Tom’s Hardware Guide, made that decision for us quite some time ago.

We don’t have to look back too far to find "Hard News" as a simple collection of links and a rather insignificant part of Tom’s Hardware. Many of you enthusiastically take part in Tom’s Hardware by sending us outstanding feedback - and not just when your eagle eyes find an occasional error but also when you have ideas on topics and how you believe we could do just a little better. 18 months ago, it had become quite obvious that news links just didn’t cut it anymore and you simply expected more from Tom’s Hardware. So, we answered and expanded our news with stories we believed you would find useful. Today, our news coverage is one of the most read and well-respected on the Internet. More than 720,000 people read our news stories on more than 4.2 million pages every month.

I’d be lying if I said we are not proud of this success. There’s no better reward for us, if you find it worthwile coming back and getting up to speed on current topics that move, change and shape the IT industry. But some time ago, it became quite obvious that we had outgrown our comfy Hard News home, that we were constrained by old ties that limited our ability to bring our ideas to life. TG Daily provides us a completely new platform to realize those ideas, to grow and to continuously improve. As much as TG Daily is a result of the feedback we have received from you over the past 18 months, at the same time we encourage you to stay in touch with us and let us know how we can do better. We count on your feedback !

So, how is TG Daily different than Hard News ?

TG Daily simply allows us to bring you more of what we do best : Comprehensive, in-depth news coverage of events and trends in the IT industry. You will discover a structured approach that allows you to quickly sift through daily IT news and decide what is important to you, your family and your business.

There is no reason for us to change our editorial focus : You will find all the stories you have valued at Hard News- and more. Expect more than basic news coverage from TG Daily - just as you always have expected more than basic information from Tom’s Hardware.

If you are a frequent reader of our news stories, you probably have noticed that there are more editors involved in our news than ever before. I am proud of a very capable news team that continues the legacy of what has made Tom’s Hardware the premier source for PC hardware reviews and news : Scott Fulton and Humphrey Cheung recently have joined the news team with great passion and the dedication to dissect rumors, marketing bubbles and press releases, to identify and research the story behind the story and its impact on users, businesses and the industry. Experience, diligence and enthusiasm matter - and this is what you will find in every news story on TGDaily.

What is new ?

By now, you already have seen the new layout of our news site and we hope that you will find its appearance not only more eye-friendly, but its content more readable as well. Four new categories - Products, Trends & Lifestyle, Business and Opinion - allow us to bring structure to our content while not overcomplicating categories, when you are on the lookout for a specific story.

So, if you want to get an overview over any new product - hardware or software - click into the Products category. Trends & Lifestyle is dedicated to any future technology and personalities and you will see Business topics to be playing a more important part covering, well business, but also politics and law. Opinion over time will grow into a communication platform that does not only publish columns of our editors and guest writers, but provide you an environment to get even more involved with TG Daily and directly communicate with our editors as well as other readers.

There are numerous other new features you have been asking for - including an improved search and a function to print articles. We invite you to discover the new features and let us know what you like and what you could live without.

It has been a big step for us, but we are not quite there yet. Over the coming weeks and months, you will see us adding new features and expanding content. There is a lot in store - not just for TG Daily, but also the other new sites that will join the TG Publishing network in the near future. Today, there is also the launch of MobilityGuru, which focuses on reviews, product round-ups, how to, and news and analysis of trends of mobile products and services. Barry Gerber leads MobilityGuru and I invite you to check out his site. Last but but not least, Tom’s Networking Guide has been relaunched and awaits your visit.

And of course we all hope that you keep us in your bookmarks and RSS feeds and continue to rely on our news as you have in the past.

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