Nvidia Outs its Beefy Tesla K40 Accelerator Card

Nvidia has launched a new Tesla accelerator card that is by far the most powerful it has made to date. It features the same GPU as the K20X predecessor; however, it is notably faster. It's known as the Tesla K40.

The GK110 aboard the card is now fully enabled, featuring all the 2880 CUDA cores, compared to the 2688 cores on the K20X. Regardless, the other improvements on the board, including the raised clock speed as well as doubling the memory capacity to 12 GB have given the card up to 40 percent more power. The card now pushes up to 4.29 single precision TFLOPS and 1.43 double precision TFLOPS. Despite this, power consumption remains at 'just' 235 watts.

Tagging along with the release is Nvidia's announcement that it has developed a partnership with IBM, which aims to deliver GPU enhanced computing to data centers.

The manufacturers that will be producing the card include Appro, ASUS, Bull, Cray, Dell, Eurotech, HP, IBM, Inspur, SGI, Sugon, Supermicro and Tyan.

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  • The Greater Good
    Will this work with BOINC?
  • southernshark
    IBM making Nvidia cards? That's more interesting than anything else.
    But...can it run Crysis? (runs for cover)

    Can't wait for the benchmark comparisons on this!! Can't wait for a game that gives this card a run for its money...oh wait...next-gen consoles have been released, and they're inferior...guess it won't happen ;(