What Is TDP? A Basic Definition

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TDP stands for thermal design power or, depending who you ask, thermal design profile. The TDP number tells you the maximum heat a CPU can uses in watts. More watts equals better CPU performance, but also higher temperatures and more power consumption. PC OEMs can sometimes lower the TDP on a chip to increase battery life on a laptop or raise it up to boost speed

Check out your CPU’s TDP to determine what kind of CPU cooler you need and to make sure you have a PSU (power supply unit) that provides enough juice.

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    What is the meaning of TDP? Thermal design power explained. What Is TDP? A Basic Definition : Read more

    Even in the first paragraph theres a HUGEun-truth!TDP is not the max wattage a chip creates .So why would i read further if i have to fact-check everything in the article?The people at Toms obviously hasnt...