Absorb and Protect Your Data With the Tampon Flashdrive

In this day and age, privacy has become an increasingly apparent concern around the world. With so many websites, companies and spammers out there selling our private information to the highest bidder, we may not feel as safe and protected as we used to. Well thanks to Meninos, you can rest assured that all of your precious data will remain safer than ever with the Tampon Flashdrive.Sure there are hundreds of highly secure flashdrives out there to protect your data, but the Tampon Flashdrive is so terrifyingly realistic, you might just mistake it for a real tampon. The Tampon Flashdrive comes in three different sizes that are appropriately named light, moderate and heavy flow, each with a capacity of 2GB 4GB and 8GB respectively.   If it's that time of the month where you feel an urgent need to protect your data, or are looking for an awesome gag gift, head on over to the Meninos store to order yours now for $29.90, $39.90 or $54.90.

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  • silver565
    Just.. wow...

    This is something I'd expect to see in a "meanwhile in japan" meme
  • jrtolson
    awsome an 8gig vagina, most secure data period!, well unless she gets arround..

    well at least at mi5/6 the equal opportunites folk can sigh some relief that more agent possitions opening to women.. mind u come to think of it, my missus could probably smuggle a whole pc in there..
  • gregor
    @jrtolson ROFL