System Builder Marathon: Price Vs. Perf.

Game Benchmarks – First Person Shooters, Continued

system builder marathon

Crysis shows us that all of these systems can handle 1920x1200, although the sub-$1,000 machine can only handle an average of 40 frames per second when overclocked.

system builder marathon

With 4xAA enabled, only the sub-$4,000 system can really handle 1280x1024 very smoothly. The sub-$2,000 system can only achieve an average 40 frames per second at 1024x768, and the sub-$1,000 system can not achieve an average 40 frames per second at any resolution.

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  • Solitaire
    Mmm, so everyone who's going to overclock their PC has a gaming-quality 24" LCD? No? So why didn't you focus on 1680*1050 if you're going to even bother including the sub-$1000 system in the comparison? That's the standard resolution of high-end 17" and most mainstream screens under 22" (even some cheap 22" as well)