System Builder Marathon: Overclocking

Application Benchmarks – Media Encoding

The first application benchmark ran is the media encoding suite. We started with the iTunes benchmark, which measures how long it takes the iTunes program to convert a half-gigabyte wave file to AAC:

We’re looking at the results of two basically identical quad-core Intel CPUs with very close clock speeds, folks. Nothing to see here.

There it is again. I suspect these application benchmarks aren’t going to be all that interesting unless you’re looking to prove the same point.

Now we’ll move on to video encoding using TMPGEnc:

Here we see the puzzling result of the new overclocked system showing very closely to the previous overclocked system despite the clock speed difference. Perhaps these applications can take advantage of the RAID hard disk setup in the new build, and it’s equalizing the results a bit?

Looks like CloneDVD also appreciated the small clock speed advantage.

Next up: the image rendering benchmarks!

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