Symbol's Mobius Wireless LAN Access Point

Buzzing data through the airwaves in your home or office is a good way to keep from tripping over cables. If you're looking to go wireless with your network, we've seen tons of options lately and one of them is from Symbol Technologies, who just let us know about its Symbol Mobius wireless local area networking (WLAN) architecture devices. First on Symbol's list of 802.11a products is the Mobius 5224 Access Point, which is said to pump up to 54 Mbps of data speed over a 5.2GHz band. Later in 2002, Symbol says it will also bring out 802.11a-capable handheld mobile computing devices. Symbol will ship the Mobius 5224 access point in three form factors: an 802.11a expansion kit, 802.11a/802.11b, and 802.11a/ 802.11FH. The 802.11a expansion kit is set up to let you migrate to 802.11a from an installed 802.11 FH or 802.11b access point.

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