Stringer "not at all" worried about PS3, predicts $2 billion for Spider-Man 3

In an interview, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer said Nintendo’s business model was "very good" compared to Sony’s PS3, but says the $600 console is flagging because developers are only using 20% of its power.

The Financial Times quoted Stringer as saying, "People who play it, using only 20% of the bandwidth, are perfectly happy playing it and their games will get better." He also recognized the need for a price drop.

"I think that the public would like the cost to be lower, there’s no question about that," he said. Pointing to the fact that PS3 Home will be coming out soon, along with nearly 30 new titles this summer, Stringer said "I don’t worry about (the PS3) at all."

As a sidebar, when asked if Spider-Man 3 total global sales could reach $2 billion, Stringer said, "Yes, probably." The movie smashed box office records when it debuted last month and held its own against Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek 3.
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