AMD Working on Stickers That Peel Off More Easily

Anyone who has purchased a PC will know that the thing comes with a rash of branding stickers that convey what's inside – even if it's software-based.

We're used to seeing the Intel Inside sticker, and of course the one for Windows, but now things may be getting out of hand when some machines are labeled "Skype Ready".

What's worse is that these stickers are often hard to remove, and can either tear or leave a residue that requires a cleaning job just to get the gunk off.

The reasoning behind the stickers is that companies pay the manufacturer for the 'ad space' of placing a sticker right on the palm rest of a laptop.

AMD knows that computer logo stickers are getting out of hand, and for that reason has consolidated many of its logos into the Vision branding program. Right now, in fact, AMD's logo stickers are optional and vendors that choose not to use the sticker are not penalized in terms of marketing dollars.

Fewer logos is a good first step, but AMD is taking it to the next level. In 2011, AMD will switch to stickers that peel off easily without leaving any sort of residue.

(Source: New York Times.)

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  • mi1ez
    An unusual, but no doubt appreciated step. My case is clean of all stickers, even the W7 COA sits inside my case on the HDD bays.
  • Anonymous
    You could always pay the extra to buy a machine that has NO badges and NO crapware. But let's not get into that little debate...
  • dillyflump
    The only sticker on my thermaltake element S case is a tiny piece of packing tape covering over the power led. Had to do it because its so bright it's like having a retinal scan if you catch it full in the eyes.