Guess Who Are the Most Loved/Hated Tech CEOs

Mark Hurd was last month shown the door out as he resigned as CEO of HP amidst a sexual harassment investigation.

If the ratings from – a site where a company's employees may rate their employer – are to be believed, the vast majority of HP workers disapproved of Hurd. In fact, Hurd had the lowest approval rating of any major tech CEO at just 34 percent.

Not surprisingly, the leader by considerable margin in terms of employee approval was Steve Jobs, who had the 98 percent of Apple's respondent workforce behind him.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini was also much approved, at 82 percent. Right behind him was Cisco CEO John Chambers at 81 percent and then Oracle's Larry Ellison at 78 percent.

Near the split was Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer with 52 percent approval, as well as Michael Dell at 51 percent. Yahoo's CEO Carol Bartz also held the small majority at 56 percent.

(Source: TechCrunch.)

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  • Lewis57
    How, what, where, when?!

    Steve jobs is ridiculously high on that chart considering he is Big Brother.

    I'd vote ballmer 100 times over.

  • PT88
    Every company on that list make/do something useful apart from Apple. They jus make shiney things that joe blogs will buy. Simple Joe Blogs = Steve Jobs haha
  • kohvitass
    ...every month someone commits a suicide putting together apple products...and still steve is on top...this is too weird