QOTD: Which Steve: Ballmer or Jobs?

There are two Steves at the head of the two most influential computer companies of today – Ballmer at Microsoft and Jobs at Apple.

Both are seen as fearless leaders and are masters of their domains, but they’re very different in their styles of presentation. Steve Ballmer is known for his on-stage antics and Steve Jobs is known for his enigmatic showmanship.

They’re appreciated as the respective heads of Microsoft and Apple, acting as nurturing fathers of ideas, products and resources of each company.

What that in mind, the question of the day is: which of these two men – if you had to choose just one – would you be proud to call Dad?

Marcus: I grew up using Microsoft software, from MS-DOS to Windows to the Word that I’m writing this on, but I can’t imagine having a Microsoft Dad. Admittedly, all we know about each Steve’s style is from what they intend for the public eye to see, but Steve Jobs would make the coolest dad. Even if he wasn’t, he would launch campaigns to convince you (and all your friends) that he was the coolest. I’d get the coolest presents too… even if they’d be the same presents every year, only just a little bit better and shinier than the ones before it.

Jane: There is no right answer. Let’s start with the fact that one of them seems slightly unstable and the other is never around. Ballmer would lose the head roughly eleven times a day and when he yelled at you, he’d probably shout the same thing over and over and over again. You’d never know what he wanted from you, just that he wanted it so badly, he was willing to sweat bullets trying to get you to understand exactly what 'it' was. Jobs probably wouldn’t be around when you needed him most. He’d likely only show up at weddings, funerals or milestone birthdays. Basically any occasion that would warrant him making a dramatic speech. Given the choice, I’d go with Ballmer. Unstable and passionate is better than nothing, right?

Tuan: Well you know, I would have to go with Steve Ballmer. That's because he represents Windows and the PC. Fully customizable hardware, an ocean of choices, and affordability and quality. That's what it's all about. And Ballmer, you can just tell he's very excited about the PC world. C'mon, look at the piece of the pie here: Windows and PCs rule 90-percent of the market. Who wouldn't want to be on the side of ultimate power? Besides... we all know I'm not into Macs...

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  • Helloworld_98
    The question should have been what would you rather have, a rich uncle or a richer uncle who looks like a paedophile.
  • mi1ez
    What a ridiculous question.
  • superhans
    Ballmer would destroy Jobs in a fight