Kiss Your Money Goodbye: The Steam Summer Sale Is Here

The games just keep on coming. Last week you saw the future of the games industry at E3, and today you can add some existing titles to your growing library via the annual Steam Summer Sale.

There are a plethora of steeply discounted titles for you to buy, but, as always, the heavy load on the company’s website slows down traffic, so it might be best for you wait until later in the day to check out the digital storefront. Discounts range from 15% off recent indie releases like Dead Cells to 50% off entries in the Call of Duty and Final Fantasy series and beyond.

Debuting alongside the Summer Sale are new “Summer Sale Stickers.” You can get new stickers by completing daily quests. With each completed quest, you can get three stickers that correspond to one of 15 pages. There are 112 stickers in total, so you’ll need to complete every quest if you want to fill the book.

For the traditionalists out there, the sale will still include a Steam Summer Sale badge, which will give you a Steam emoticon and profile background when it’s crafted. If you manage to create the Steam foil badge, you’ll get additional Steam level experience points.
The sales event starts today and ends in less than two weeks at 10am PT on July 5.

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  • jeremy2020
    Do I need any new games? No.
    Do I want any new games? No.
    Will I buy new games? Yes.
  • AgentLozen
    I've been anxiously awaiting this and I thought it started tomorrow. Awesome to hear it's running right now. Imagine if you walk into work thinking it's Thursday but someone informs you it's Friday. Brilliant!

    I'm in the same boat as Jeremy2020. I don't NEED any games. Will I buy them? Yes.
  • dstarr3
    The great backlog expansion of 2017.