Steam's 'Best Of 2017' List Showcases Last Year's Biggest Games

Steam has put together an extensive showcase for the best of 2017, lining out a detailed listing of some of its superlative categories for the year. Following suit from 2016’s expanded year end charts, this annual report of best-selling and top performing Steam games also includes charts for titles still in Early Access, the top VR games, and more. If you were curious about how some of your favorite games performed across these various categories over the past year, this is a decent way to see all the data arranged visually.

Interestingly enough, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t sitting at the top of the lists you’d assume it would be. The game listings, arranged by small icons made via art from the Steam storefront, do not appear to be in any particular order, and are in fact randomized. Because of this, it can be jarring when you check out the Most Played category and see Ark: Survival Evolvedor H1Z1 above PUBG when it had a whopping concurrent player count of 3 million just days ago.

PUBG would be at the top of most categories, incidentally, but the randomization of each makes it a little fairer for the other games that shone brightly this year. You can check out the top new releases of 2017, broken down month-by-month, and the top 100 sellers of 2017 are broken down into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze sections. Games like PUBG, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six Siege were among some of the Platinum titles last year.

In terms of best VR games, Steam arranged those similarly to the top sellers list, listing games like Job Simulator, Fallout 4 VR, Superhot VR, and Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality as Platinum sellers. This list demonstrates the swath of virtual reality-focused titles out there, which only grows larger with each month that passes.

It’s pretty interesting to see all of Steam’s best laid out in front of you in these easy-to-digest chunks, and if you’re looking to make some purchases with holiday cash, this best of list is a simple one to consult for what might be worth your time.

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