Super Upgraded StarCraft AI Still Beat by Humans

Are you good at StarCraft? Even if you're not a superstar in Korea, maybe you're good enough to beat the computer AI that's built by Blizzard. Perhaps what will really challenge you is an AI built by university programmers.

The AIIDE 2010 StarCraft AI Competition was held last week at the University of California, and had different AIs and even humans battling it out for supremacy… all in the name of research, of course.

=DoGo=, a World Cyber Games 2001 competitor, played against the top ranking AI at AIIDE 2010 and won! Score one for the humans.

Check out all the details at the EIS Blog, as well as plenty of videos from the matches.

via Kotaku

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    Spam was dealt with efficiently for a while, but it's back and it's as bad as ever. Booooo! :(
  • Anonymous
    A.i made my human cracked by human.What's the big deal about it?A trained Human brain is far superior and complex than silicon.
  • lunakitty
    but compare silicon to average brain not a trained brain