OCZ Beefs Up Solid State Drive Portfolio

OCZ brought several new drives to CES, including the half-height PCIe x8 based Z-Drive R3

The real star of OCZ’s display was an experimental  4-way RAID model.  Designed to fit a single (half-height) 5.25” bay, added parallelism boosts its maximum transfer rate to 1800 MB/s.  OCZ is testing the waters with this design and has not yet decided to produce it.

If the rest of the market can “put up” with “only” 550 MB/s, OCZ might flood that portion with its Vertex 3 Pro. Capacities of up to 512GB will be available in this-year’s release, but OCZ has not announced a “firm” date.

OCZ also wanted everyone to know that several of its most recent power supplies were 80-plus silver rated, with the brand-new PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W and 910W displayed most proudly.

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