Ten 60 GB SandForce-Based Boot Drives, Rounded-Up

128 KB Sequential Performance

Sequential Read Performance

Examples include file copying, transcoding, game level loading, some gameplay, watching video, and editing video

The Vertex 3's advantage over the SSD 520 that we noticed previously goes away when we switch to sequential read testing. Again, regardless of NAND interface, we see most of these drives fall within a very tight range.

Interestingly, Crucial’s 64 GB m4 keeps up with the pack at every queue depth. Meanwhile, Samsung’s 64 GB 830 shows some weakness at a queue depth of two after leading significantly with only one outstanding command. When you consider that most sequential operations occur at a queue depth of one, Samsung actually is the favorite in this test with a sequential read speed of 450 MB/s.

Sequential Write Performance

Examples include Application Installation, Document Backup

When it comes to writing compressible data sequentially, all of the SandForce-based drives throw up the exact same benchmark results, regardless of NAND interface or price.

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