Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Chenbro SR205

The Chenbro SR205.

Chenbro was another new manufacturer to THG; we have never really reviewed any of their products previously. Still, Chenbro is known worldwide as one of the leading case manufacturers.

Chenbro was established in 1983 and has been specializing in the development of IT products, with its core business focus on PC cases, Server cases and Rack mount cases. In 2001, Chenbro had a total sales revenue that reached $50 million dollars. Chenbro has team of 700 all over the world.

According to Chenbro, product innovation and invention has always been their dynamic brand's essence. Chenbro invented the world's first tower pc, as well as the removable M/B tray. Chenbro is the OEM preferred business partner for some of the world's largest manufacturers, including Intel, Dell and IBM. Chenbro holds nearly 300 patents, 120 patents for ID modeling, and 180 patents in mechanical design. Clearly Chenbro is a leader in the computer case business.

Number Of Internal 3-½ Bays 3
Number Of External 3-½ Bays 2
Number Of External 5-¼ Bays 3
Number Of Case Fans Supported 2
Construction Material 0.8mm SECC
Power Supply Included Optional
Special Features Fold Back Front Door
Size 420 x 220 x 472 mm
Sample Case Provided By www.chenbro.com.tw
Estimated Cost $149 US
Cooling Potential Rating 9
Construction Quality Rating 8
Overall Case Rating 7

A look inside of the SR205.
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