Speed-Link Triton Headset Does Double Duty


The Triton is chunky, yet relatively portable thanks to the folding design, which makes it suitable for gamers who also want to watch movies and listen to music. To this end the cables are long, but not obtrusively so, meaning that you don't have too much extra wire around your desk at a LAN party or, for that matter, in the office.

The only major complaint I could make against the headphones is that there is no clip on the volume control unit, which means that it hangs freely even at times when I'd prefer to clip it onto my shirt.

At a list price of €39.99 from Speed-Link (as always shop around to see what you can get) the Triton headset contends with just about anything in this mid-range from the likes of Sennheiser, and certainly provides more oomph in terms of bass when compared to most similarly priced models. They're also long-lasting, and have survived many the knock on my desk. More than can be said for much of the competition...

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