SONY VAIO BUSINESS NOTEBOOKS: Don't Let Their Good Looks Deceive You

Sony VAIO Z Series - Ultra-Portable

state flash memory banks, of 128 or 256 gigabytes apiece.  When you take advantage of ReadyBoost technology in Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, those solid-state drives pull double-duty, speeding up your boot times from the usual full minute to just seconds.

You’ve noticed the Z Series chassis already.  Sony replaced hot, heavy steel with a single slab of ultra-cool, ultralight milled aluminum.  Together with optional carbon fiber reinforced casing — the same technology used to refine a Formula 1 racing chassis — this design brings VAIO Z Series weight down to just over 3 pounds, while at the same time driving standard battery capacity up to an incredible 7 hours.

Maybe none of that matters if you can’t turn it on, or if it doesn’t fit on the airplane’s tray table, or if it pumps out heat like a Dutch oven.

That’s why Sony engineers took the lessons they learned in perfecting VAIO Z Series, and applied them to every other business PC they build.  They made VAIO S Series to move with you, through airports, through customs, through taxis and bus rides, and into the field, where your office can be the top of the world or the side of the road.

S Series features durable magnesium alloy casing and intelligent G-sensor technology, protecting the hard disk drive from drops, falls, and sudden impact.  Sony’s engineers applied the lessons they learned from redesigning the Z Series, in rethinking every PC that Sony builds.  For S Series, they improved their existing magnesium alloy casing and rearranged the internal components for maximum heat

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  • Anonymous
    This thinly veiled Sony advertisement is a bit pathetic really.
  • goozaymunanos
    thinking the same thing kizzard :/
  • Solitaire
    This has to be a new low... and God knows Tom's already spends most of their life scraping the bottom of the barrel!