Sony PSP: Frustratingly Beautiful

Spider-Man 2

Publisher: Activision
Number of players: 1

Following on the heels of Spider-Man The Movie 2 on Nintendo DS, here's Spider-Man on PSP! Each new console seems to have its version of Spidey's adventures. Here it's a 3D action game that makes fairly good use of the console's graphics performance, though the gameplay isn't really innovative - the title is similar to the adaptation on Xbox and PS2 of the movie of the same name, released in 2002.

Through some twenty levels that basically follow the scenario of the movie, Marvel Comics' star superhero confronts the formidable Doctor Octopus. And since our hero has far from what you'd call an uneventful life, the goals to be attained are numerous. These include saving hostages from the clutches of Mysterio; following Octopus through the skies of New York City (while avoiding killing and maiming citizens in the process); arresting lots of bad guys, and more. All of this often while battling the clock! The levels alternate between open-air scenes and explorations of buildings, which makes for numerous and varied backdrops.

Spider-Man is controlled using the analog stick, and once again you quickly end up with a painful thumb because of its poor placement. Among the game's strong points are the fights, which are fairly easy to master and frankly enjoyable without having to know all the combos fluently. Graphically, this episode of the adventures of Spider-Man is really very nice to look at, and comes close to the full-size console editions. Unfortunately, this title lacks a little originality, and has a fairly short lifespan, which is a bit of a shame.

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