Sony PSP: Frustratingly Beautiful

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Publisher: Sony
Number of players: 1 to 6

To accompany the launch of its console, Sony signed a certain number of "minor titles" that may not be revolutionary, but offer good gameplay and possibilities for wild multiplayer sessions. Twisted Metal is one of these. In the tradition of Chase HQ, this game is a remake of a of a 10-year-old PlayStation title, already adapted for PS2 in 2001. Well, they say the best whiskey is made in old barrels, but we can't go quite that far in this case: the result is good, but not exceptional.

The principle of the game is faithful to that of its predecessors: at the wheel of killer vehicles, each more inventive than the preceding one, you blow away your opponents with an arsenal of weapons you pick up in the field. These range from simple machine guns to heat-seeking missiles. The game has 15 different vehicles, each driven by a specific driver, to which many improvements can be added, such as armor, boosters, weapons, etc.

Twisted Metal has a dozen or so varied arenas in as many venues; examples include Paris, Monaco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Egypt. The PSP's 3D performance really shines here, and many parts of the decor are completely destructible. However the biggest advantage of this title is the multiplayer mode, which offers no less than eight different playing modes for up to six participants.

One drawback is that the cars are driven essentially by the PSP's analog stick; this forces you to bend your thumb inordinately, which becomes painful rather quickly.

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