Sony: Stringer Takes Over Presidency

Sony Chairman and CEO, Howard Stringer, reportedly has plans to implement a company-wide reorganization including shifting around top executives at the company.

In a move that comes all too soon after Yahoo! Chief Carol Bartz pulled a similar reorganization of top dogs, PCWorld reports Stringer will take on the title of President of Sony, as well as retain his current titles of Chairman and CEO. Current president Ryoji Chubachi will step down and assume the role of Vice-Chairman, assisting Stringer in safety, quality and environmental issues.

The electronics business will be reorganized to two main divisions: the Networked Products and Services Group, which will combine Sony's PlayStation games console, Vaio PCs, Walkman products, new mobile products and Sony Media Software and Services (which develops a common service platform across Sony products); and the New Consumer Products Group, bringing the company’s Bravia TV, digital imaging, home audio and video businesses together.

Networked Products and Services will be run by Kaz Hirai, who currently runs the PlayStation group and New Consumer Products will be run by Hiroshi Yoshioka, currently in charge of the company's TV business. Vaio leader, Yoshihisa Ishida, will take Yoshioka’s old position. Aside from his new role, Yoshioka will also oversee the Semiconductor and Component Business Group.

Stringer remained optimistic about the drastic changes that he has made to the company. "The changes we're announcing today will accelerate the transformation of the Company that began four years ago," he said in a statement. "They will now make it possible for all of Sony's parts to work together to assume a position of worldwide leadership and, together, achieve great things."

Read the full story on PCWorld.

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