Sonic for Wii gets moved up one week

San Francisco (CA) - The first fully exclusive Sonic game for a Nintendo console is going to make an earlier-than-expected debut, with Sega pushing the release of Sonic and the Secret Rings from February 27 to February 20.

Nintendo Wii overview of features ...

The game made its first appearance at E3 2006, where we got some hands-on time with it. It puts players in the position of a constantly-moving Sonic, like in the 1990s title Sonic R, while the player maneuvers him around and over obstacles by holding the Wii Remote like a steering wheel.

Sonic and the Secret Rings rounds out Sonic’s next-gen appearance in the first full console cycle since the Dreamcast officially went belly up in 2001. This week, a new Sonic platformer title made its way to the PS3, while an Xbox 360 version has been available since the last holiday season.

The game is rated E and will carry the standard Wii game retail price of $50.

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