Snow Leopard Hacked to Bring Back Atom Support

When Apple released its 10.6.2 update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, it decided to remove support for the Intel Atom chip. While that means nothing to legitimate Mac users, as there are no Atom-based Apple products, the adventurous PC crowd has been able to shoehorn Mac OS X into netbooks. With most netbooks using the Intel Atom, this meant that the latest update effectively locks out many hackintosh laptops.

Of course, with the hackintosh crowd being built on the foundation of hackers and modders, it didn't take long before someone has hacked 10.6.2 to work again with the Atom.

According to Macworld, a Russian hacker has been able to figure out a way of replacing the 10.6.2 kernel with one that includes support for the Atom. Those of you who aren't used to tinkering around with Mac OS X in Terminal should be very careful of this hack, as it's not a simple point and click operation.

Those going through this procedure will be replacing an Apple-provided kernel with one downloaded from the internet. If that sounds scary, it's because it should be. But hey, the world of hackintosh has always been about unauthorized adventure.

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