Skywind Mod Updates Morrowind with Skyrim Engine

The TES Renewal Project is currently working on an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod that updates Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with the Skyrim engine's advanced graphics and capabilities. Called Skywind, this mod requires that the gamer has Skyrim installed along with Morrowind and the two expansion packs, Bloodmoon and Tribunal.

"As of now, Skywind mostly just consists of landscape and static meshes, but we are currently working on getting all of the quests, NPCs, weapons, creatures, etc. working correctly, and they should all be available by the final release," reads the FAQ.

Morrowind is probably one of the best RPGs – heck, one of the best games period – that has ever been made. The game is a must-have despite its aging graphics, pulling gamers into a rich, unique world that will see you wandering around just to capture its immersive essence.

Unfortunately, the new mod isn't available to download "due to its very alpha state." All we have right now is a video showing a number of incredible environments, a brief shot of an armored guard and a little dose of combat. For Morrowind fans, this mod should successfully melt your eyes.

Check out the video below if you dare.

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  • Stimpack
    Hey, this has been an ongoing thing for quite a long time now.
  • patrick47018
    Old news.. I was hoping it was done...
  • eklipz330
    yeah, im expecting a 2019 release date. remember how long black mesa took for release? and by the time it finally got out, the hype just fizzled.