Sky is Planning to Overhaul Its Settop Box

As on-demand services like Netflix, LoveFilm Amazon Instant Video and BBC iPlayer continue to enjoy strong growth, the settop box has become more important than ever. Internet TV is all well and good, but people want to be able to watch that content in their living rooms and hardware companies recognise the opportunity to mop up money from folks switching away from traditional cable and digital TV services. Not one to be left behind, BSkyB is keen to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to settop box hardware. In fact, the latest word is that the company is looking to revamp its settop box technology in order to better compete in the market and go toe-to-toe with upcoming threats from the likes of Apple.

The Telegraph reports that BSkyB is currently running 'Project Ethan,' a special unit to develop a whole new system that will allow customers to record TV using Sky+ and access this data via the cloud from any device. There will also be access to on-demand video and the ability to start content on one device and move to another, picking up where you left off.

This major overhaul involves both hardware and software and won’t happen overnight. The Telegraph reports that the other name for this undertaking is 'Project 2016' and it will be two years before we see the fruits of BSkyB’s labour. Until then, the company is investing millions to increase the number of customers with web-connect SkyHD+ boxes.

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