Nintendo strikes Wii deal with Six Flags

Redmond (WA) - Even though millions of consumers are still waiting to get their hands on a Wii, Nintendo is going to be putting some units aside to ship to Six Flags amusement parks across the country, with a new partnership enabling the Wii to have dedicated sections for kiosks and playable demos at the parks.

Beginning later this year, the Wii will be making its mark on select Six Flags locations, earning the designation "the official gaming console of Six Flags." The locations, which include parks in New York and California, will sport game playing stations that allow park-goers to experience the unique style of the Wii, which is key for Nintendo to show off its potential to consumers after the hardcore gaming crowd is fully accounted for.

"This agreement with Nintendo enables us to partner with a company, and a product, that has major relevance in the lives of today’s families. When this audience is not in our parks, more often than not they are at home playing video games - and now they can do both in one place as we continue to build Six Flags into a supermarket of entertainment," said Six Flags president and CEO Mark Shapiro.

The Wii, which has sold more that two million since its debut on November 19, is still in very short supply, with virtually all new shipments not staying on store shelves more than a few hours before they are sold out again. Key accessories like the Wii remotes are also nearly impossible to find, as Nintendo works around the clock to crank out as many units as possible.

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