SiS Kicks Off: 10 Motherboards With The 645 Chipset and DDR333

Jetway S446R

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: F05 (14. November 2001)

Jetway uses multi-colored components: the board is turquoise; the IDE ports 1 and 3 are pink; the 2nd and 4th are white; the PCI slots are violet; and last but not least, there are blue DIMM sockets and a blue AGP slot. All of this is only of secondary importance, of course, since the board will not be visible after you've installed it in the PC case.

5 PCI slots and 3 DIMM sockets are standard in this batch - it's generally considered to be a good basis for future upgrades. In addition to attaching 4 IDE devices to the standard IDE controller, you can attach an additional 4 ATA devices (not ATAPI, however), thanks to the ATA/100 IDE-RAID controller from Promise. However, the placement of these two interfaces at the lower area of the board is not so great, since the connectors are placed in the lower area of the board also, which can render the lower PCI slots unusable.

The S446R provides good performance and should be available at attractive prices (probably around $110). Included in the box were a manual, a set of cables and a driver CD. Another positive aspect is that there's a driver diskette for the Promise controller inside, too, which is required during the initial installation of Windows 2000.

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