SiS Announces R659 Officially and Once Again

Silicon Integrated Systems, an ambitious chipset company from Taiwan, formally announced its R659 chipset supporting four-channel RDRAM memory. "SiS R659 core-logic is designed to support four-channel RDRAM PC1200 and is able to provide up to 9.60GB/s of peak memory bandwidth. The chipset also includes architectural enhancements for higher performance through faster response time, a feature SiS calls HyperStreaming. In total SiS' R659 supports up to 16GB of memory, while the forthcoming Prescott CPUs with 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus require just 6.4GB/s of memory bandwidth. The R659 North Bridge is to be coupled with the SiS964 I/O controller, which integrates 8 USB 2.0 ports and Serial ATA-150 RAID features."

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