SilverStone Adds To The Sugo Series With The SG12 Case

SilverStone is well-known for its lineup of small form-factor cases, and the latest case in the Sugo series, the SG12, continues that tradition. According to the company, the SG12 is a tribute to the first case in the series, the SG01.

The case weighs a little over 11 pounds and measures at 210mm x 266mm x 407mm (HWD). It allows micro-ATX, mini-DTX and mini-ITX motherboards, and depending on the fan and drive cage configurations, it can fit GPUs up to 14.5 inches. However, there is a width restriction of 4.46 inches. For power, it can take a PS2 (ATX) power supply unit. There is also a restriction on the PSU size to only 370mm when an external drive or optical drive is used in the external 5.25-inch bay.

The rest of the drive cage includes three internal 3.5-inch bays (which are also compatible with 2.5-inch drives), and space for an additional nine 2.5-inch bays. The front I/O port includes two USB 3.0 slots as well as audio and mic jacks. The rear of the case also features a total of four expansion slots.

With any build, cooling is a big factor, and even more so in smaller cases. SilverStone upgraded the side fan for the SG12 from 80mm to 120mm. The top fan slot takes an 80mm fan, and there is also space in the rear for another 80mm fan to work as an optional cross-flow fan. As far as CPU cooling is concerned, the SG12 only allows up to 82mm for the cooling fan.

Cases like the SG12 provide a full PC in a smaller, low-profile setup, and with the built-in handle bar, you can easily transport it anywhere without having issues with space. The SG12 will be available on May 27 and will cost a little over $95.

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  • jdon
    Seems with just about everything Silverstone lately, you should be putting "available" in quotes. How many months was the FTZ01 "available" before stock showed up anywhere?
  • RedJaron
    This is something I'd be interested in. It's nice and compact, but still makes accommodations for standard parts. Full-size OD, not a slimline. Full PSU, even if size is a little restricted. This is enough for a stock cooled i5, maybe i7, and a reasonably strong GPU.
  • Arabian Knight
    so instead of allowing a 280 radiator on the top 2x140 they put the stupid power supply on the top of the motherboard...

    hey silverstone , here is a tip ..

    see those drive cages on the front ? put the power supply there .

    and on the top make 2x140 fans so we can add a 280 radiator there or a 240 one.

    and make sure it fits on the frame and not the cover ...

    who wastes place for internal harddisk cages when we need better cooling ?