SilverStone's Strider Essential Gold PSUs Revealed

SilverStone's Strider Essential Gold series of PSUs have been revealed, and they do exactly what the name implies – provide you with just the essentials of a power supply, and nothing more.

The power supplies' power envelopes range from 500 W to 700 W, and they are all 80 Plus Gold certified. The units are built with a single powerful 12 V rail. All the expected safety features are provided, including OCP, OPP, OVP, UVP, OTP and SCP.

Physically, the units are only 14 cm in length – quite short. Cooling of the units is taken care of by a large fan that is built with ceramic bearings and should normally operate with a noise level of only 18 dBA.

So there you have it; a simple, efficient, quiet, and probably affordable power supply. There was no word yet on what the ST50F-ESG, ST60F-ESG and ST70F-ESG units would cost in the U.S., but European street pricing ranges from about €80 to €100.

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  • RedJaron
    Who will actually be manufacturing these?
  • DarkSable
    Attractive size... now if only we could get a 550w SFX psu!(especially one that didn't sound like a hurricane.)[even if it had to be watercooled, it would still be of interest to a lot of us sff specialists.]
  • deadlockedworld
    Agree that the manufacturer is the most important element. If its Seasonic I would purchase immediately. I need a small one for the HTPC!