Take A Peek At SilverStone's RVZ04 Micro-STX Chassis

We spotted a compact, fully featured gaming PC in SilverStone's booth at Computex 2017 housed in a prototype RVZ04 chassis, which features a plastic outer shell along with a steel body.
This case houses a Micro-STX mainboard which is compatible with MXM-type graphics cards. Micro-STX is a new small form factor introduced by ASRock, and its major asset is that it can combine strong CPUs with powerful GPUs.

The dimensions of this chassis are very compact (238mm wide x 81mm height x 199mm depth), however it hosts a mobile version of the GTX 1070 along with a strong Intel 7th Generation "Kaby Lake" quad-core processor, so it is perfectly capable of coping with the demands of any gamer.  

A power brick capable of 220W max power output is used because of the restricted internal space. Since the mainboard can also accommodate a mobile GTX 1080, SilverStone will probably provide an even stronger power brick along with it.
It’s nice to see such small footprint PCs with increased gaming capabilities, which are ideal for use in places where space is limited or when you want the PC to pass completely unnoticed (e.g. in a living room, below or behind a large TV). Because this chassis is just a prototype, however, there is no pricing information or solid release date.

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