Silverstone Shows Mini-STX Case In Development

For its annual CES appearance, Silverstone showed some new cases, PSUs, cooling and accessories, but one big surprise was the company’s first mini-STX form factor PC case.

The new small form factor was created by Intel, and it's smaller than mini-ITX. However, it allows enthusiasts to change various components other than the memory and storage. ASRock told us that it’s working on a mini-STX board, in addition to a full system with the form factor, but the company didn’t have either device at the show

The case from Silverstone is another sign that the OEMs are developing around mini-STX. This case (pictured) has a socketed motherboard, although we don’t know its manufacturer. Obviously, this was just to show a proof of concept: The form factor is coming soon, and Silverstone is one of the first companies to produce a component for it.

One thing of note is that there doesn’t seem to be any space for a PSU (our best guess is that it uses an external PSU). However, the case is still in its early stages, so its appearance could change in a few months. Obviously, price and release dates weren’t revealed. In fact, it doesn’t even have a name yet. Regardless, Silverstone wants its customers to know that it’s already thinking ahead.

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  • Haravikk
    Does Mini-STX even allow for internal PSUs? Thin Mini-ITX doesn't, as the ATX main power connector would take up a lot of space that a board simply can't afford when it's using laptop RAM (which is parallel not perpendicular to the board).

    I'd fully expect these to require external power bricks, as without connectors there's no other choice, and given their size an SFX PSU would require you to double the volume of the case anyway. I doubt many case manufacturers can, or will, make bespoke PSUs.
  • Onus
    I think this has a huge potential "cool" factor, especially if it leads to the creation of a new form factor for graphics cards. No, you won't get a power-hungry flagship anywhere near the necessary size (any time soon), but something with the power of a GTX750Ti seems reasonable. This new size could also be used in laptops, bringing upgrade options where they have never existed before.
  • TechyInAZ
    Sweet! Love this case! Could pop in a 7870k for a moderate gaming machine.