SilverStone's NightJar 520W PSU is Fanless

Silverstone has revealed a new power supply – the NightJar 520W. Beyond its rather odd name, the PSU itself is also a bit odd, as it doesn't actually have a fan. Now, it's technically not an incorrect name, as jars are indeed quite silent throughout the night… just kidding; it's named after a nocturnal bird.

The unit, as its name indicates, is able to push up to 520 W of power. It is also 80-Plus Platinum certified, which is certainly what made it possible to run the unit without a fan – it simply doesn't generate a lot of heat. Do note though, the unit should be oriented with the grated side up, as otherwise the heat generated will get trapped.

Silverstone has also opted to make the unit fully modular, so you'll only have to connect the cables that you need, and no more. Since the 12 V supply is taken care of by a single powerful rail, you also won't have to worry about which modular ports you use in order to draw power.

No word on pricing just yet.

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  • nukemaster
    Well with guts that are most likely made for an 850+ watt unit(thus the ability to get away without a fan), This will not come cheap.
  • Steveymoo
    Nice! HTPC enthusiasts will be happy.
  • ram1009
    Nothing electronic is improved by reducing airflow. This is a simple marketing gimmick at the expense of longevity.