Shuttle's New Flagship SX58H7 HTPC

Looking to downsize your rather large and mundane tower case that currently hosts your Home Theater PC or semi-extreme gaming rig? Shuttle delivers with its latest Prima flagship model--the SX58H7.

The new Shuttle SX58H7 features Intel's X58 chipset and is capable of running both ATI CrossFire or Nvidia SLI. Some other interesting features of this new mini-beast is that the power supply unit (PSU) has an 80PLUS Bronze certification with high efficiency and 500 watt max output. The included CPU cooler has a vapor chamber base with heat-pipes and allows efficient thermal movement while lowering CPU temperatures by up to 7 degrees Celsius over standard coolers and heat-pipe implementations.

Judging by what the Prima SX58H7 has to offer, you could pack a lot of punch inside of its small walls, effectively making it a prime choice for enthusiast gamers on the go or those that wish have a home theater PC that is also capable of playing all of today’s latest games. Don't get too excited about going too extreme with your CrossFire or SLI setup though--only single-slot cards will fit in this case.

Technical specifications for the SX58H7:

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  • anything on pricing?
  • Listed as $599 on shuttle's site... which is a freaking steal for a case, psu, and x58 mobo.
  • bigpig
    Shuttle should *know* that many customers are attracted to the XPC form
    factor because they're building a home theater PC, so why isn't there a
    1394 Firewire port on the SX58H7 ? I know Firewire is losing popularity,
    but MANY pieces of existing video gear use it as their primary connector.
    Sorry Shuttle.... no built-in Firewire, no deal.