Should I Upgrade to Ryzen 2?

Is the Zen+ CPU architecture worth the premium over Zen? We put this survey together to find out!

The next phase in the AMD Zen CPU architecture is now out in the wild. These second-generation Ryzen processors are manufactured using an optimized 12nm LP node, based on what is called the Zen+ architecture. Zen+ promises higher frequencies, more sophisticated multi-core boost rates, and faster memory/caches. In our review, we found that the stock Ryzen 7 2700X "delivers a great performance boost that rivals its overclocked predecessor in every one of our tests." Now, we want to know what you think.

Is the new series of Ryzen 2 Zen+ processors worth the premium over Ryzen Zen? We're conducting this survey to find out what platform you're on and if it's worth it for you to upgrade. We'll be live updating the survey with the latest results, so check back, and check often.

Here's a direct link to the survey.

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  • psg1john
    10-15% better in FPS in games at same clock speeds Then Ryzen 1 after that with 1000mhz clock speed boost over Ryzen 1

    So it slightly faster then Ryzen 1 good buy if you didn't upgrade yet... im waiting 2 more months before I upgrade my 4870k system lol
  • A Stoner
    Until I can get a good deal on a graphics card it seems kind of pointless to be upgrading my PC. I have a 980X 6 core that runs at 4ghz. Definitely been wanting to upgrade for a year or so now, but until the crypto lunacy ends or I can snag a card at retail even with it going on, I will sit on the sidelines.
  • mihen
    Always best to wait for the early adopters to work out the kinks. Looks good even if you are coming off a Ryzen 1 system. Price is fantastic, performance increase is there, no need to delid.