Sharkoon Announces WPM V2 Series Power Supplies

Sharkoon has announced a new lineup of power supplies: the WPM V2 units. These units are intended as functional and effective power supplies on a budget.

The power supplies will come with power delivery envelopes ranging between 400 W and 700 W, with increments of 100 W. Cooling is achieved with a 140 mm fan.

Sharkoon has equipped the power supplies with a semi-modular cable interface, where the most crucial cables aren't removable, saving money on production and thus your wallet.

Unfortunately, the units don't feature any 80-Plus certification, but are at a starting price tag of €39.99. They'll serve just fine for units running for only a couple of hours per day.

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  • 7amood
    If sharkoon can't make a good mouse how can anyone expect them to make a good power supply?
  • SchizoFrog
    Maybe because a power supply isn't a mouse? Their fans certainly aren't the worst products in the World.
  • Haravikk
    I'm always surprised by anyone that's content to buy a budget PSU; the PSU is one of those things where it really pays to get something better that will last you a lot longer.I mean I always try to get a PSU that's several hundred watts more than I need, as that way you can forget all about total power consumption and just connect what you like. Unless you're connecting multiple graphics cards you shouldn't have to worry about hitting the limit. A PSU with a good efficiency will also waste less power, and thus generate less heat, and in turn should be quieter, they also generally come with generous warranties.I dunno, the last thing I would want is a crappy PSU, as every single component in your build is dependent on it, so a bad choice can mean the whole thing fails.